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Woven with Promise collects donations of new and like-new formal gowns and accessories and provides them free of charge to high school girls. While the girls may be focused on their dress, we are focused on them. Our mission is for each girl to be treated with respect, grace and love. Every young woman deserves the opportunity to realize positive experiences regardless of their financial or family circumstances.


Woven with Promise will be distributing Prom Dresses and accessories to Medina County high school students including those who are attending school at home.


Each girl will have the opportunity to select a prom dress along with shoes, jewelry and a purse at no cost. We want this time to be a blessing to every young lady who walks through the doors. But this ministry is more than just making prom dreams come true. Woven with Promise is dedicated to promoting positive self-image and confidence in teen girls based on their identity in Christ and inner beauty.


The atmosphere at our prom dress giveaway is often one of excitement and camaraderie, as volunteers work tirelessly to organize the dresses, creating a boutique-like setting where attendees can browse and select their perfect gown. These events are not only about providing attire but also about fostering a sense of community and support.


The giveaway will include various styles and sizes to cater to diverse preferences and body types, allowing each participant to find a dress that makes them feel confident and special on their prom night.


Overall, our Prom Dress Giveaway is a celebration of inclusivity, kindness, and the shared belief that every student deserves the chance to experience the joy and magic of prom night.

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